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About Us

With the intention of optimizing health, improving vigor and promoting wellness through naturopathy, we, Wellayu Herbotech, offer a range of Herbal Capsule, Herbal Drop and Herbal Juice. We as a fast-growing name in our field believe that people need to move away from using chemical-ridden products for treating ailments if they want lasting improvement in their overall health. Therefore, we as a manufacturer and wholesaler, carefully formulate and sell a completely herbal range of products like Acidity Care Drop, Arjuna Amla Juice, Herbal Giloy Capsules, Stone Capsules, Heart Care Juice, etc., which can correct any imbalance in the body and heal it from the roots. We dispense our entire range under the brand name Wellayu.

Our Strengths

We have made a reputable name across different industrial sectors like Cosmetic, Food, Beverage and Nutraceuticals because of the following:

  • Our Values: Values like Honesty, Transparency, Business Integrity, Courtesy & Commitment Towards Customers keep us alive and afloat in business.
  • Raw Material Selection: Before production, we evaluate each raw ingredient that we source for common allergens, take into care various environmental sensitivities and also assess the correct nutrient balance in components used. 
  • Quality: We have quality control systems that have been set up as per international norms. Marking these systems as our guiding points, we thoroughly analyse both raw materials and finished formulations like Acidity Care Drop, Stone Capsules, Herbal Giloy Capsules, Heart Care Juice, etc., on different quality parameters before we approve the safety and efficacy of products.
  • R&D: We formulate products only after in-depth research and analysis work. Our researchers and trained herbalists work round the clock so that we only come up with formulations that safely and effectively treat and manage a host of ailments without any side effects.
  • Business Ethics: Ethical manufacturing and sale is prioritized at our firm and we never try to boost sales by compromising with our moral policies, client centric norms and good judgment capacity. 
  • Timely Dispatch: All orders we take are wrapped with perfection and always reach clients on time because we have the support of many logistics partners who are best in their field.

Manufacturing Excellence & Customization Facilities

For a company like ours that deal in large scale production every month, a spacious infrastructural base is mandatory. We have a fully functional and duly equipped base that has also been strategically sectioned for enhancing the size and quality of output. Because of this setup, we can even do customization work and take third party manufacturing orders from interested parties.